Eric Cantor Confused By The Basics

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House Minority Whip Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) recently visited the conservative Heritage Foundation to unveil what he called “a no-cost jobs plan.” Andrew Leonard of Salon summarized the pitch: “Cut regulations. Freeze spending. Cut taxes. No new taxes. That’s the plan.”

It was, of course, the the Republican agenda 101, nothing new—which helped get us into the mess we’re in the first place.

This week Cantor appeared at the Economist’s World in 2010 Conference. The almost always confused Cantor told the audience his party has plenty of important “big ideas” and policy proposals they would like to advance. The Economist’s Daniel Franklin asked Cantor to identify the Republicans’ “big idea” on jobs. Pat Garofalo of Think Progress was there to capture the response. It kind of speaks for itself, he has no clue:

FRANKLIN: What is the big idea? “Jobs” is not an idea.

CANTOR: The big idea is to get, to get, to produce an environment where we can have job creation again.

I almost feel sorry for Cantor. The man clearly doesn’t know anything about public policy, yet somehow he is a part of the GOP leadership. It is often painful to hear him talk about any topic from prepared remarks, much less take questions. Even simple questions.

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