I Think Mitt Romney Might Actually Be A Wimp

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If you listen to Mitt Romney and his campaign they will tell you that Mitt has the courage, backbone, strength, and leadership to lead both domestically and internationally. Barack Obama not so much. Since this is one of  his campaign’s primary narratives you can be assured they won’t be happy with the upcoming cover of Newsweek.

I am sure we’ll hear Mitt’s campaign and the “talking heads” chat about this 24/7 this week on all the news channels. About how unfair it is. The liberal media. All that shit.

Well today Mitt met with Benjamin Netanyahu. He also had a meeting scheduled with the Leader of Israel’s Labor party. Turns out that Netanyahu didn’t think Mitt should meet with his political opposition.  Guess what happens next:

And then Romney went into a meeting with Netanyahu at the Prime Minister’s Bureau in Jerusalem. During the course of the meeting the candidate’s staff contacted Herzog to inform him that the meeting had regrettably been cancelled, “for reasons of protocol.” Herzog and Yacimovich have no doubts: Netanyahu, or his people, didn’t approve of the Yacimovich meeting and pressured Romney to cancel it—and succeeded.

I swear you just can’t make this stuff up.

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