Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Tommy Young and this is my little slice of digital landscape. I am 40 years young and live outside St. Louis, Missouri, but have lived in a number of places. I was born in southern Illinois, but then lived in Louisiana, Texas, Kansas, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Virginia, Washington, DC, and now Illinois again (in that order).

I’ve had a fun and varied life that just seems to get better and better each year. I played Division I golf, worked for and studied with the man who hired Walter Cronkite and fired Edward R. Murrow, walked large sections of the Appalachian Trial, ran a suicide hotline, and my parents swear I am the most photographed child in the world standing beside a cannon (my father’s PhD is in Civil War history).

I spend my non-work hours playing golf, taking bad photos, mountain biking, reading, playing with my PS3/PS2/N64/Sega Genesis gaming systems, listening to music, and obeying the detailed instructions of my four cats.

Professional Background

I have close to 20 years experience in the high-tech b2b market space with experience in account service, strategic planning, research and account planning, and public relations.
Prior to setting off on a freelance career I was the Vice President of Marketing for a virtual, web-based Application Service Provider (ASP) that sold high-end interactive marketing products and services (electronic newsletters, email marketing, and web meeting software).

During the dot com bubble I was an Account Supervisor for KSK Communications (now a part of Earle Palmer Brown); a specialized ad agency focused on b2b high-tech clients. I was responsible for crafting marketing and strategic planning for high-profile new and existing clients, including Lucent Technologies, HP, PeopleSoft, Octel, and Unisys.

Before that I worked at E. James White, one of Northern Virginia’s largest agencies, where I built the Account Planning department from scratch into a profitable and productive business unit. Before that role I was a Senior Account Executive that managed three of the agency’s largest clients for the $80M shop.

Prior to joining E. James White, I worked as a market research analyst at INPUT and as an Account Executive at award-winning Elliott Van Deutsch (then MHI Communications, now Blattner Brunner), where I cut my teeth working on accounts such as AOL, EDS, Nortel, and the National Parks and Conservation Association.

I have a Masters of Arts in Communications from Louisiana State University and a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Communications from Western Illinois University.


The site requires Internet Explorer 7+ (Firefox strongly recommended) with all the usual plug-ins. Human brain 1.0 strongly suggested.

If you would like to contact you can reach me via email at tommy at webranding dot org.