Ben Stein And His Lawyer Are Idiots

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Ben Stein is suing a company called Kyocera for not using him in is commercials. Reuters has the story:

The whole suit is ludicrous, of course: Stein is claiming breach of a nonexistent contract. (The closest thing the suit comes to saying that there was any contract at all is the part when it says that Stein’s agent, Marcia Hurwitz, “considered the deal done.” Which, obviously, she was wrong about.

The basic story is simple. Kyocera wanted to hire Stein to do some TV commercials, but the company is very environmentally conscious, and it decided not to use him after learning of his anti-science views on global warming.

Stein somehow manages to turn this into a question of religious freedom, claiming that Kyocera’s refusal to let him pitch their products constitutes “wrongful discharge in violation of fundamental public policy” [….]

I don’t have much to add except it is hard to believe the New York Times lets Stein write economic articles for their op-ed page. They really, really need to rethink that.

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