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Is Mitt Romney really the Gordon Gekko of presidential candidates thanks to his years of running Bain Capital? Well Dean Baker lists a few of the Gekko-like behaviors that real-life private equity firms often engage in:

It is standard practice for private equity to load firms with debt. This means that taxable profits are turned into tax-deductible interest payments. The difference can be a gain to Bain and other private equity firms, but it is coming at the expense of taxpayers.

In the same vein, private equity companies often in engage in complex asset shifting. This can leave a heavily indebted firm with few valuable assets. If it eventually goes bankrupt, the creditors collect little money because the private equity company has transferred the assets with value into an independent company. This can also mean big profits for Bain and other private equity companies, but this is not a gain to the economy.

Another frequent game of private equity companies is to dump pension obligations on the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation. The reduction in liabilities can mean big profits for Bain and other private equity companies, but does not provide any benefit to the economy.

I watched Wall Street again (for like the 20th time) the other day and Gordon Gekko sure seems to share a lot in common with Mitt Romney.

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