MAKE Founder Dale Dougherty Profiled

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Dale Dougherty is the founder of MAKE Magazine and Maker Faire. He believes in a simple idea: that we all have potential to be makers. He is passionate about creating a generation who are creative, innovative, curious, and making things to improve our world.

Custom Cord Storage Unit

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I literally have 2-3 huge plastic storage bins of computer cords, adapters, you name it. They’re pretty organized, I mean at least they are not a tangled web of cords. But I still would like them to be far more organized so it was easier to find what I need when I need it. So […]

Organizing Kitchen Drawers

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Since long ago I stopped get all but one print magazine so I have a ton of these laying around. I saw this article about a month ago, gave it a try. It is a simple, yet wonderful solution to a problem anybody with a kitchen must encounter.

6 Pack Frame Cinch

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[Found via Etsy]

Cambridge, MA Installs DIY Bike Repair Stations

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I agree with the Boston Globe that they are not the most attractive thing around, but if are tooling around Harvard Square and need to make minor repairs or inflate your tires, well this would be pretty handy. The idea came from MIT.

Yiying Lu’s “Lifting a Dreamer” Wall Graphic

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Well that is pretty darn cool. You can order one for yourself here.

Using An Old Washing Machine As A Fire Pit

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[Found via Instructables]