How Hot Dogs Are Made

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I’ll have a hot dog a few times a year, when I am at a sporting event. This video doesn’t make me even want to do that.

Growth In Fast Food Portion Sizes

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Via Brian Fung, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) charts the growth of fast food portion sizes since the 1950s. The average soda, it turns out, has grown sixfold. The average American adult, meanwhile, is now 26 pounds heavier than they were during the days of Frank Sinatra.

The American Diet In One Chart

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Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics. Credit: Lam Thuy Vo / NPR

Simple Black Bean Soup

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Yield: 8 Servings Overview: Cooking dried beans is low maintenance and a great value. Make sure to plan ahead and allow time for soaking the beans. Serve with hot sauce or salsa, if you like. Ingredients: 1 pound dried black beans (about 2 1/2 cups), rinsed 2 medium onions, chopped 1 large red bell pepper, […]

Organizing Kitchen Drawers

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Since long ago I stopped get all but one print magazine so I have a ton of these laying around. I saw this article about a month ago, gave it a try. It is a simple, yet wonderful solution to a problem anybody with a kitchen must encounter.

Nutrition Plate Replaces Food Pyramid

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Via the Washington Post: The new design, called MyPlate, was conceived as a crucial part of Mrs. Obama’s campaign against obesity, designed to remind consumers about the basics of a healthful diet. The plate is split into four sections, for fruit, vegetables, grains and protein. A smaller circle sits beside it for dairy products.

The Perfect Sandwich Container

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I don’t take my lunch to work anymore, you know cause I work out of my house. But if I did, I’d buy one of these sandwich containers in a heartbeat.

Both Sad And Somewhat Funny

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On Friday, at an Applebee’s restaurant in Michigan, Taylor Dill-Reese ordered her 15-month-old Dominick an apple juice, but he ended up gulping down a margarita. From Reuters: He “kind of laid his head on the table and dozed off a little bit and woke up and got real happy,” his mom said. The little boy […]

Anthony Bourdain Reviews Sandra Lee

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I’ve never seen Sandra Lee’s (Andrew Cuomo’s girlfriend BTW) show on Food Network, but I might have to tune in cause if Bourdain is correct (and I bet he is), it must be a train-wreck. Pure evil. This frightening Hell Spawn of Kathie Lee and Betty Crocker seems on a mission to kill her fans, […]