The Tea Bag Buddy

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If Santa Claus is reading my blog I’ll take one of these thank you very much.

The $41,500 Fridge

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[Found via Robeys]

Clipboard Wall Design

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[Found via swissmiss]

World’s Most Expensive One Bedroom Apartment

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One-bedroom apartments are usually small and cheap compared to other types of homes. However, there are exceptions and this is probably the best example to describe that. This one-bedroom apartment is called The House, it’s located in the exclusive Minami-Azabu district of Tokyo and it’s listed at 1.8 billiob yen ($21.8 million USD). [Found via […]

Zombie Duvet Cover

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As a single guy I figure something like this would mean I’d never have sex again, but my gosh would it be fun to have in my guest bedroom.

My Bedroom Floor Is Complete

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After a mini-flood in my basement/bedroom. Mild mold issues. Ripping up the carpet. The flooring under it. The toxic shit they used to lay said flooring, well it is final done. Nice new tile floor. Success. Mental note. After weeks and weeks of sleeping in my guest bedroom, I need to get a new mattress, […]

Facebook Shower Curtain

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I don’t need one but gosh I want one of these. And heck they are only $23.

Portal Bookends

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[Found via Think Geek]

Curved Bookcase Design

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