The Stephen King Universe Flow Chart

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If you have read many Stephen King books (and I have) you might have noticed his characters have a habit of popping up across multiple stories, sometimes just as a quick reference, sometimes in a larger role. Well graphic designer Gillian James has created a handy flowchart that connects everything. Masterful piece of work. Well done.

Growth In Fast Food Portion Sizes

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Via Brian Fung, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) charts the growth of fast food portion sizes since the 1950s. The average soda, it turns out, has grown sixfold. The average American adult, meanwhile, is now 26 pounds heavier than they were during the days of Frank Sinatra.

A History Of Timelines

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The earliest timelines, published in the 1500s and 1600s, were difficult-to-follow mashups that attempted to place all of human history into a list of numbers or an elaborate graphical metaphor. (I imagine the people who made these being somewhat stoned … “So the fourth millennium before the birth of Christ was totally like a dragon! […]

Ron Paul: The Venn Diagram

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Mother Jones tries what I thought was impossible, which is place his libertarian ideas on the political spectrum in the form of a venn diagram. Congressman Ron Paul’s third-place finish in Tuesday’s Iowa Republican Caucus was a remarkably strong showing for a candidate who has so little in common with mainstream Republicans. Perhaps the nation’s most […]

Edward Tufte Profile

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Joshua Yaffa profiles Edward Tufte, one of my personal heros, for The Washington Monthly. After the publication of Envisioning Information, Tufte decided, he told me, “to be indifferent to culture or history or time.” He became increasingly consumed with what he calls “forever knowledge,” or the idea that design is meant to guide fundamental cognitive […]

Where Your Money Goes

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The White House has a “neat” little calculator where you insert what you paid in taxes and it tells you were it was spent. Here’s where your money went if you paid $10,000 in income tax last year.

Visualizing Where Your Taxes Go

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Via Mother Jones:  With DC embroiled in budget battles and April 18 fast approaching, a lot of Americans are thinking about where their federal tax dollars go. Most of us have no clue, as shown by the recent CNN survey in which respodents guessed that NPR accounts for 5 percent of goverment spending (wrong—it’s more like […]

Chart Of The Day

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Who’s Arming Whom?

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Via the Rachel Maddow blog: Today’s chart of the day is actually today’s database of the day. The chart comes from The Economist, but they cite their source as the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Their arms transfer database isn’t quite as colorful as charts but the three categories of search they offer are totally play-with-able. Did […]