Lego 3D Model Of New York City

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[Found via Mashable]

Building With LEGOs in Google Chrome

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Want to play with some LEGOs but all you have is a computer and Google Chrome. Well no worries, cause you now have Build With Chrome. I hate to think how much time I am going to waste tinkering with this darn thing.

Lego Moleskine Notebooks

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As a huge fan of Moleskine notebooks and Legos, well I just ordered myself a few of these.

The Free Universal Construction Kit

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  Ever wanted to connect your Legos to your Lincoln Logs? Well problem solved if you have a 3D printer.

LEGO Storage Box

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Now I need to get myself one of these, the Ogle Toy Box in the shape of a LEGO.

The Matrix in Lego Form

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A pretty cool a stop-motion recreation of a famous scene from The Matrix done entirely in, you guessed it, Legos.

LEGO Geodesic Dome

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I am a huge LEGO fan. To me they are like jigsaw puzzles for adults with too much free time. And this Deodesic Dome is pretty darn cool. The builder also provides a great tutorial on how to build one if you so choose.