What Happened To Organizing for America?

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For months I’ve been asking myself, as I watched the Democrats lose the governorship in Virginia and New Jersey, then a Senate seat in Massachusetts, and finally the “train wreck” of the primary in my home state of Illinois last week, where the heck is Organizing for America (OFA)? Former known as Obama for America, […]

Marketing The Olympics To Chicagoans

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Jason Fried of 37signals, a Chicago resident, and small business owner has an interesting and spot on take on why the city saw local public opinion erode for hosting the 2016 Olympics. As as Chicagoan, I’ve seen the campaign close up. A recent poll suggests Chicago citizens are about equally split on whether or not […]

When Direct Marketing Goes Wrong

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I went out to get my mail yesterday and noticed an over-sized postcard mailer for Dollar General. The offer was they’d give me $5 off my next purchase of $20 or more. I though great, cause about once a week I get all my cat related items at Dollar General which usually totals around $20 […]

Product Placements Enter News Programs

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Product placements in television shows have been around for years, if not decades. Shows like American Idol or Survivor (just to name a two) have done it very effectively for a number of major brands. If I had a client that had a product that was targeted to these audiences I’d suggest this as a […]

What Do You Know? (About Marketing)

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More than three years ago marketing guru Seth Godin put together a long list of “what every good marketer knows.” As it said it wasn’t a “carefully planned manifesto” but a “riff.” The whole list is here, but I pulled a few of his bullet points I felt were the most important. Low price is […]

The Death of the Republican Brand

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Republican Party leaders have been flipping around like fish out of water trying to identify possible remedies to their 2006 mid-term election losses. Their most recent effort, a new national Congressional campaign slogan, “The Change You Deserve,” was quickly identified as the advertising tag line for the anti-depressant Effexor. Ouch. But the biggest Republican problem […]

Brand Association Web Site

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Brand Tags is a neat site that asks people to cite what they think of when presented with a particular brand and then displays the results as tag clouds. For instance see what folks think of VW, Nike, Apple, and Google.

Dharma Initiative Boxes Launch Lost Season 4

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To promote the premiere of Lost Season 4 in Europe a number of Dharma Initiative boxes have been placed throughout Lisbon. Question, what the heck is in them? Io9 ponders: A polar bear? Walt? (Maybe Walt.) Boxes of Dharma coke and Dharma cereal? We don’t know for sure, but Lost fans in Lisbon were psyched […]

Think Apple: It Boosts Creativity

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Well this is pretty interesting. According to a study to be published in the Journal of Consumer Research and as reported by the Wall Street Journal: You don’t need to be a Mac owner to be a cutting-edge hipster. Turns out just thinking about Apple can make you more creative. That’s according to researchers at […]