Everything You Need to Know About Mitt

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During the GOP debate the other night, moderator John King asked each candidate to name the top misconception about them. This was Romney’s response: JOHN KING: Governor Romney? MITT ROMNEY: We’ve got to restore America’s promise in this country, where people know that with hard work and education that they’re going to be secure and prosperous and […]

Stunning (In Bad) Politico Front Page

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Trump. Palin. More Trump and more Palin. Yet more Trump. Mama Grizzly back on the prowl. Gary Busey is voting for Trump (what an endoresement BTW). Sarah Palin is redesigning her website, could this maybe mean she is running for president? Politico expects me to take them serious as a news organization when this is […]

Are Gleen Beck’s Day At Fox Numbered?

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Via the New York Times: Mr. Beck, a conservative Jeremiah and talk-radio phenomenon, burst into television prominence in 2009 by taking the forsaken 5 p.m. slot on Fox News and turning it into a juggernaut. A conjurer of conspiracies who spotted sedition everywhere he looked, Mr. Beck struck a big chord and ended up on […]

I Didn’t See That Coming

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AOL buys Huffington Post: The Huffington Post, which began in 2005 with a meager $1 million investment and has grown into one of the most heavily visited news Web sites in the country, is being acquired by AOL in a deal that creates an unlikely pairing of two online media giants. The two companies completed […]

One Thought On Keith Olbermann

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To say I am a huge fan of Keith would be an understatement. I was as shocked as most people when his show ended Friday and he left MSNBC, with literally no notice. No reason. I’ve ponder it a lot, what he meant to “liberal” media. And well, I think this sums it up pretty […]

The New Republican Cover

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Book: Dan Gillmor’s Mediactive

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Can’t wait to read Dan Gilmore’s most recent work. A quick review via Boing Boing: Mediactive is divided into three sections. The first section is a history of the dismal state of current media—partisan and bickering, financially troubled, insufficiently critical of power and overly sensitive to Internet upstarts. Gillmor explains how reporters can (and sometimes […]

Inside Wacky World Of Boing Boing

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Fast Company has a wonderful, and detailed article on one of my favorite blogs, Boing Boing. Back in 1999, Mark Frauenfelder wrote an article about new web tools that made it easier to do something called “blogging.” His editors at the technology magazine The Industry Standard declined to publish it, concluding that blogging didn’t really […]

Koppel Calls Out Olbermann & O’Reilly

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Jon Stewart tried to explain Rachel Maddow last night, he is sick of the state of political discourse in our nation. Say what you will about Stewart (I am a huge fan) he is still a comedian commenting from the outside. Ted Koppel of course is not. Well today the 47 year news veteran  wrote […]