Things Not Looking Good For Walmart

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This is just so sad I don’t even know where to start: Walmart’s first response to the garment factory fire that killed more than 100 workers in Bangladesh was to deny that any Walmart clothes were made in the factory. Then clothes from Walmart’s Faded Glory brand were found in the factory, so Walmart switched to […]

Chart: Apple’s Record Earnings

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Apple’s $46 billion in revenue last quarter vastly exceeded analysts expectations and was their largest quarter to date (in both revenue and profit). As this chart from Silicon Alley Insider highlights, iPhone sales were by far the biggest driver of Apple’s monster earnings.  

Hitting Mitt Romney Where It Hurts

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Those of us that know Mitt Romney’s record knew eventually the mainstream media and even the Republicans would start to pound him on these issues. It is starting to happen, and it ain’t going to be pretty for Mitt. As Mitt Romney’s atrocious record on job creation continues to draw attention, even from other Republicans, […]

The Republican “Jobs” Plan

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Steve Benen at the Washington Monthly has a wonderful take on the “new” Republican “jobs” plan: The good news is, House Republicans unveiled a plan yesterday that’s intended to create jobs. The bad news is, the plan can charitably be described as a bad joke. As we discussed yesterday, the jobs agenda, such as it […]

Roundup: Reactions To Obama’s Speech

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David Dayen argues it’s a mistake to play the game on GOP terms, but didn’t otherwise have a major problem with the speech: This could have been a ton worse. Other than the fact that this speech is being given at all, I didn’t have a major problem with it. Huffington Post led with the […]

Cool Home Office

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[Found via Apartment Therapy]

Mississippi River System As Subway Map

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This is pretty darn cool. The Mississippi River and all its tributaries drawn as a subway map. [Found via Kottke]