McCain: Republicans Shouldn’t Talk About Abortion

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Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), taking a break this weekend from making shit up about U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, said: McCAIN: I think we have to have a bigger tent. No doubt about it, and, obviously we have to do immigration reform. There is no doubt whatsoever that the demographics are not on our side and we are going […]

Marco Rubio: “I’m Not A Scientist, Man” (No Shit)

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I long for the day when the question, ”How old do you think the Earth is?” doesn’t trip up a sitting US Senator prospective presidential candidate. Via an interview if GQ Magazine: GQ: How old do you think the Earth is? Marco Rubio: I’m not a scientist, man. I can tell you what recorded history says, I can tell […]

It Is Not Polite To Invite Yourself Over

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Or at least that is what my parents taught me. I guess Joe’s isn’t privy to this basic social norm. Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio would like to have his own version of a “man-to-man” beer summit with President Barack Obama so he could give the president advice on dealing with immigration, the outspoken law enforcement […]

Whoops, I Am In The Wrong Room

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It would seem newly elected Rep.-elect Chris Collins (R-NY) had a few problems today: “When they welcomed Leader Pelosi and everyone stood up to applaud, a frantic new member got up—breakfast plate in hand—rushed over to me and asked, ‘Wait … what meeting is this?!’ I said, ‘This is the Democratic Caucus.’ He said, ‘Oh […]

Why Nate Silver Got Drunk

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There are so many great lines here, I don’t know where to start, like: On election night 2012 even god himself was hitting refresh on 538. He just made the universe, I turned it into a graph. Now what’s up motherfucker.

Oh It Feels Good To Laugh

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Via the The Borowitz Report at The New Yorker, which has some of the best political humor and satire around: Canada announced today that it was tightening security along its border with the United States amid concerns that there could be a mass migration of illegal Americans after Tuesday, November 6th. According to Randolph McTavish, […]

Elizabeth Banks on Planned Parenthood

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Wow, this is how you do a celebrity endorsement. My first serious girlfriend in college used the pill for the exact same reason. And do be honest as a 20 year old dude in the late 80s I wasn’t even aware a pill could help with this (or that “heavy flow” was even a problem). […]

“Largest Tax Increase In History”

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Before the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act last week, the primary Republican  line of attack against were over-the-top hyperbolic, but at least subjective: government takeover of health care, unconstitutional overreach, etc. But from the moment the SCOTUS determined the law stands as an exercise of Congress’ taxing power, though, Republicans have gone empirical. […]

Stupid Wingnut Quote Of The Day

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In today’s competition, and it was really competitive to say the least, for most ridiculous wingnut statement in reaction to the Supreme Court’s upholding of the Affordable Care Act, the Heartland Institute has provided this most note-worthy submission: The president intimidated Chief Justice John Roberts like Hugo Chavez intimidates the Venezuelan Supreme Court. The rule of law […]