Things I Like: Field Notes Steno Pad

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[Field Notes Steno Pad]

Zeitgeist 2011: Year In Review

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Much more fun, useful, and just “neat” info about Google’s 2011 Zeitgeist.

My New Windows 7 Desktop

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Made with Rainmeter and RocketDock.

Reason Animals Are Cool #179

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Neuroscientist David Linden says they like to get high. Animals in the wild will also voluntarily and repeatedly consume psychoactive plants and fungi. Birds, elephants, and monkeys have all been reported to enthusiastically seek out fruits and berries that have fallen to the ground and undergone natural fermentation to produce alcohol. In Gabon, which lies […]

Wow Saddam Was Bat Shit Crazy

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Don’t get me wrong I knew he was crazy and evil, I just never thought it might be able to overtake Kim Jong-il. Well maybe he could: Over the course of two painstaking years in the late 1990s, Saddam Hussein had sat regularly with a nurse and an Islamic calligrapher; the former drawing 27 litres […]

Boeing 747 Repaint Job

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The video is only 4 minutes long, but who knew it took 13 days to paint a Boeing 747. I sure didn’t.

How Ink Is Made

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BMW iPad Concept Idea

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This is a pretty cool concept that actually makes a lot of sense. It seems BMWs will soon feature iPad docking bays on back seats. Using ConnectedDrive the car will effectively become a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.