Dreamland: An Amazing Documentary You Need To See

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I flat love documentaries. Nova, Frontline, and Independent Lens on PBS are all recorded in my household. But honestly, but about 90% of the documentaries I watch are about war, death, poverty. Depressing shit. So when I come across something that is literally the exact opposite I am a “happy camper.” Well I came across […]

Infographic: US Health Care Costs

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US health care costs are growing rapidly in the U.S., and national health spending is estimated to increase from 18 percent of the economy to about 25 percent by 2037. And while the price for medical services outpaces inflation, federal health spending is projected to grow from 25 percent of federal spending to about 40 percent by 2037. As health care grows faster […]

What Romney/Bain Did To Ampad

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Perhaps none no company Bain Capital dealt with describes the type of “vulture capitalism” they practiced better than American Pad & Paper, or Ampad. So as you might expect it is the subject of a new video from the Obama campaign. It’s a rather brutal story. Romney took over Ampad, drove it into bankruptcy, and […]

Who is the Route 29 Batman?

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Via the Washington Post: Police pulled a man over on Route 29 in Silver Spring last week because of a problem with his plates. This would not ordinarily make international news, but the car was a black Lamborghini, the license plate was the Batman symbol, and the driver was Batman, dressed head-to-toe in full superhero regalia. It […]

Is the Tipping Point Toast?

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Duncan Watts has an interesting article at Fast Company calling into question the theory that a small group of influential people are responsible for triggering trends as outlined (and made famous) by Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point. If society is ready to embrace a trend, almost anyone can start one—and if it isn’t, then almost […]