Devastating NBC/WSJ Polling Data

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I assume almost everybody has heard that the Republican primary is hurting, not helping that party. You’ve read that President Obama should be considered the favorite, but not a lock, in November. You’ve also read that Mitt Romney is disliked among just about everybody in his party.

Well that and a whole lot more is corroborated in this new NBC/WSJ poll.

Lets be blunt, this is not a good day to be a Republican. With Super Tuesday looming tomorrow and with Romney consolidating his position, the damaging poll out today suggests voters are rejecting the GOP in large numbers. From the WSJ (not known as a liberal “rag” BTW):

Bill McInturff, a Republican pollster who conducted the survey along with Democrat Peter Hart, said he could think of only one word to encapsulate the effect of the nomination fight on his party and its candidates: “Corrosive.”The process, Mr. McInturff said, “is sanding down both the Republican candidates and voters’ feelings about the party.”

Consider this one number that jumped up at me:

Does a better job in appealing to those who aren’t hard-core supporters:
Democrats 57 (including 35% of Republicans who agree)
Republicans 26

Again, not a great day to be a Republican.

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