Do Not Adjust Your Set

Posted by on Mar 23, 2008 in Culture, Technology, TV | No Comments

Andrew Sullivan, who usually contains his writing to the political spectrum, has an interesting article the Sunday Times about the accelerating fusion of the Web and television:

As TV and the Internet converge into something generically known as broadband, the distinctions between the two will soon become nugatory from a consumer point of view. But will this resulting hybrid be more like TV, plus interactivity; or more like the Internet, plus TV? The distinction will be worth billions to whoever gets there first and organizes this mess in a fashion that’s satisfying for consumers. The networks and cable companies, therefore, will need to move quickly to find a way to package the different streams—professional and user-made, broadcast and Internet—into a huge, interactive library, all easily and pleasingly accessible on demand and portable to whatever device people are overpaying for at that moment.

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