“Drill Baby Drill” Redux

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Andrew Sullivan nails half-term Governor Sarah Palin’s recent statements on energy policy:

Check this quote out (it’s at the 15 minute mark of the speech here):

“After inheriting a good pro-development GOP plan that opened up both coasts for drilling, the Obama administration halted development … and now we’re gonna study, more study of the South Atlantic and parts of the Gulf of Mexico [….] my goodness, folks, these areas have been studied to death [….] I have seen so many, many studies! I say, let’s send the White House this message: that, you know, we can save taxpayer time, save money and announce: there is oil and gas down there, and we can produce it safely and responsibly! We don’t need more studies, we need more action! Because energy produced in America is security for America, and it is jobs for American workers, jobs that can’t be outsourced. Let’s drill baby, drill, not stall, baby, stall!”

Is there a clearer example of someone being wrong about something in public life—and refusing to acknowledge even a shred of reality? She really is the Bush-Cheney Republican party leader in so many ways.

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