Essential Web-Based Apps For Any Consultant

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As a freelance marketing/technology consultant I often get the opportunity to work on fun and interesting projects. That is the glamorous part of the job. But I also have to manage aspects of my job that other people used to handle. Stuff like client relations, new business development, billing, and administrative stuff. Not so much fun.

Luckily there is no shortage of web-based applications to help deal with these painful processes. The following are six applications that are essential to my business:

1. Basecamp: Project management
2. ConceptShare: Design collaboration
3. FreshBooks: Invoicing and expense tracking
4. Campaign Monitor: Powerful electronic newsletters application
5. WordPress: Blogging and content management system
6. Zoho Meeting: Web conferencing

Obviously there are many others out there, but I’ve found these suit my needs perfectly.


  1. Mark Phillips

    If you need to send project summaries or project wrap-ups to clients from Basecamp, check out

    Its a new service, currently in beta which allows you to export reports from Basecamp to PDF(with beta pricing starting at $0.99 per report).

    If you have any suggestions, let us know! Hope you find it useful.

  2. Henry Cook

    I would advise you to use Wrike for managing your marketing projects.
    This is KILLER APP!

  3. Zlatica

    Hello there,

    You can also try – online project management application that provides: managing projects and tasks, time management, issue tracking system and increased team collaboration through wikis.

  4. Web Conferencing Consultant

    We use a mix of the services you mentioned above. Basecamp, freshbooks and wordpress are always a good name to have in your company docket… Depending on the size of your organisation I think good ol Google Apps is still effective.

  5. John

    Another essential app to consider is Intervals. It is more comprehensive than what’s in your list, but could help narrow down the number of apps you use.


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