Fact-Checking Boehner’s “Major Economic Address”

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The Wonk Room at Think Progress rips apart all the factual errors in John Boehner’s (R-OH) “major economic address” he delivered yesterday:

BOEHNER: “Not long after we spoke, he signed a 26 billion dollar ‘stimulus’ spending bill that funnels money to state governments in order to protect government jobs. Even worse, the bill is funded by a new tax hike that makes it more expensive to create jobs in the United States and less expensive to create jobs overseas.”

FACT: Canceling unspent stimulus funds would mean increasing taxes on the middle class, as $55 billion in funding has already been allocated for middle-class tax breaks.

BOEHNER: “We will not solve our fiscal challenges until we cut spending and have real economic growth – and we won’t have real economic growth if we keep raising taxes on small businesses.”

FACT: Does Boehner still think that the employees—including 4,900 teachers in his state—that are still working because of this bill are “special interests”? Also, the “new tax hike” that Boehner references is actually a provision that prevents multinational corporations from claiming domestic tax credits on profits they earned overseas, and thus reduces the incentive to outsource jobs. That bill also reduced the deficit.

: “All this ‘stimulus’ spending has gotten us nowhere, but it comes from somewhere.”

: According to the Congressional Budget Office, the stimulus will save or create up to 3.7 million jobs by the end of September. The Columbus Dispatch noted that 9,500 Ohio construction workers had work in July because of the stimulus; some of this work was in Boehner’s own district.

: “Republicans on the House Budget Committee, led by Congressman Paul Ryan, have already identified $1.3 trillion in specific spending cuts that could be implemented immediately. These are common-sense steps – like canceling unspent ‘stimulus’ and TARP bailout funds.”

FACT: Fewer than two percent of small business in the country would be affected by Obama’s plan to let the Bush tax cuts for the rich expire.

And they have many, many more examples of factual errors so simple to prove he is either a world-class liar or very, very dim witted.

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