Frontline: Bush’s War Initial Thoughts

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Over the past two nights PBS’s Frontline has highlighted (yet again) why it is the best show on television with their two-part special on how the Iraq war began and how it has been fought, both on the ground and at the top-tiers of our government.

I think Davenetics sums up the program pretty well with this:

It really was a perfect storm of bad judgment, malicious intent, a power structure out of balance, a weak Natl Sec Adviser, a marginalized secretary of state, an all-powerful veep, a lazy Congress, and outplayed British PM, a foolishly managed French foreign policy, an ignored military leadership, an Oedipal complex hall of fame President, and a media that focused on Rumsfeld’s funny press conference delivery instead of highlighting the fact that he was wrong, horribly wrong, on just about any point that mattered.

You can view the entire documentary here as well as dive into a number of interactive features.

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