io9 Interviews William Gibson

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In a promotion for the paperback version of Spook Country William Gibson sat down with the folks at io9 for an interview. They ask him some questions, and his responses are not what you see in the traditional media:

Well, [that was] political and it’s also true that I wanted to get laid [with hippie chicks]. I’ve had to engage in this kind of grudging self-examination because of my ever-changing Wikipedia entry [which mentions early interviews where he talked about being a draft dodger]. When I started out as a writer I took credit for draft evasion where I shouldn’t have. I washed up in Canada with some vague idea of evading the draft but then I was never drafted so I never had to make the call. I don’t know what I would have done if I’d really been drafted. I wasn’t a tightly wrapped package at that time. if somebody had drafted me I might have wept and gone. I wouldn’t have liked it of course.

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