Is That Legal?

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Via Talking Points Memo:

She may, famously, not be a witch, but here’s a bit of money magic from former Delaware Republican Senate candidate and recent Mitt Romney endorser Christine O’Donnell: her political campaign gave $142,000 to her super PAC, which proceeded to buy copies of her book.

Federal Election Commission reports filed by her campaign and super PAC this week show that the money her campaign gave to her super PAC represents just under 62 percent of the $229,985 the PAC took in during 2011. $19,912.30 of that money went towards an August 20th purchase labeled “PAC Fundraising Non-Residual Books” from a book shop in Philadelphia.

O’Donnell’s book, “Troublemaker,” had a list price of $25.99. If the books were purchased at that price, the campaign would have gotten around 766 copies. It’s unclear how all those copies were used for fundraising purposes since O’Donnell only received contributions from 16 individuals in the second half of the year. If all of them received a copy, she would have 750 copies of the book on hand.

Look this happens all the time in politics. A book is bought and signed by said politician and used for fundraising. I got no problems with that. None. But a couple questions. Why didn’t she purchase the book from her publisher, you know at a discounted rate? Two, she is from Delaware, wouldn’t it make sense she buy the book from a store within her state? And finally, what the heck as she done with all these books? You know, just asking.

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