It Is A Reason, Not An Excuse

Posted by on May 28, 2010 in News | No Comments

In the last few weeks I’ve heard many on the right say that the BP oil spill gusher is being used by Obama as an excuse to stop the expansion of offshore drilling in US waters. A perfect example was Neil Cavuto on Fox News yesterday afternoon:

I don’t want to sound too jaded or cynical, but—do you think a lot of this was baked into the energy cake. In other words, this accident happened, horrific as it was and is, and it— it provided a very good excuse to just say “no, no” to “drill, baby, drill”.

Deepwater Horizon is a reason to suspend drilling permits for offshore rigs temporarily until environmental officials are able to assess the safety of these operations. It is not an excuse. The difference between the two is kind of important even if you don’t get it Neil.

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