Links for Apr-01-08

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  • In an online survey conducted by brandchannel Apple was named the brand that has the biggest impact on the world’s consumers, while Microsoft and the United States (as a brand) are those considered most in need of a remake.
    [Tags: Branding, Marketing, Apple, Microsoft]
  • Ars Technica was at Mozilla headquarters in Mountain View recently to talk to user experience design expert Alex Faaborg about the Firefox 3 visual refresh. From the screen caps in the article it appears they are going with the more is less approach. Good for them.
    [Tags: Firefox, Design, Usability]
  • Top 5 reasons why the customer is always right is wrong. “Let me get this straight: The company will side with petulant, unreasonable, angry, demanding customers instead of with me, its loyal employee? And this is meant to lead to better customer service?”
    [Tags: Business, Management, Productivity]

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