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  • For non-gamers Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is most likely known for all the political turmoil it created. But it didn’t sell millions and millions of copies because of this, it sold cause of the amazing game play. 1UP devotes some bytes to the legacy of GTA.
    [Gaming, Culture]
  • Newsweek takes an exhaustive look at the media empire Rupert Murdoch has built.
    [Media, Advertising, Politics]
  • I am not really sure I follow the logic of this Popular Mechanics article that believes the growing popularity of social networks are going to mean the end of search as we know it. As the first commentator notes, most people that work for a living (not in a related tech field) just don’t have time for them. I sure don’t.

[Google, Facebook, Social Networking, Web 2.0]

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