McCain Admits To Being Tech Illiterate

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I am not a big fan of John McCain, but for reasons different then I often hear cited in the liberal blogsphere. I think talk about his age and his mental state as a former POW are sickening. I really wish my party and those that support it would attempt to raise the level of debate on topics such as this.

But I have to admit as somebody that works in technology this statement from McCain is troublesome. When asked whether he is a Mac or PC person, he answered:

Neither, I’m an illiterate that has to rely on my wife for all of the assistance I can get.

Atrios responds:

I think in 2008 computer use and understanding of the internet should be part of the basic skill set we expect from people in positions of prominent public leadership. It’s pretty much impossible to have any kind of understanding of how people in the modern world go about their lives and work without that. The internet is not a fad or the playground for 17 year olds.

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