McCain Web Ad Mocks Obama As “The One”

Posted by on Aug 1, 2008 in Advertising, Politics, Video | No Comments

When I first saw this new McCain Web-only ad I had to check around to make sure it was in fact real, and not a spoof. Well multiple sources are reporting it was in fact produced by the McCain campaign. Titled The One, a reference to a Messianic figure played by Keanu Reeves (Neo) in The Matrix, it even includes footage of Charles Heston as Moses parting the seas in the The Ten Commandments.

Well I guess the gloves are really off in the McCain camp. I mean I am all for bare knuckle politics. It has been that way in the United States since the time of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. But is this ad really any different than Obama running an ad with video footage from the Manchurian Candidate and photos of McCain’s time as a POW? I mean just asking.

Update: The ad is now featured on the home page of McCain’s site.

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