MS Outlook ’07 RSS Feed Issues

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I have a love hate relationship with Microsoft. Outside of OneNote, which is a flat out stellar program, I don’t think any single program in the Office ’07 suite is better than other options (often free) out there.

But I use the suite for one reason, the amazing integration between each program, mainly between OneNote and Outlook. OneNote is my digital scrapbook/information organization program and Outlook is how I receive all my industry-specific electronic newsletters and RSS feeds. Information can be tagged and moved back and forth between each program with one mouse click. Action items in OneNote can be added to the Outlook calendar and the final product easily sent via e-mail.

You get the idea.

But my gosh Outlook is really letting me down. For the better part of a week Outlook couldn’t retrieve any of my 100 plus feeds (everything else worked). Today, out of the blue it started working again.

This is the third time this has happened and very frustrating to say the least. How can Microsoft have a flagship product like Outlook not be able to handle something as simple as a feed.

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