The New Yorker Profile Of Chatroulette Creator

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The New Yorker reporter Julia Ioffe interviewed Andrey Ternovskiy as he was in the process of moving from Moscow to the United States. Pretty interesting stuff

The best way to talk to Ternovskiy is through some kind of digital intermediary. Shy and evasive in person, he fills with a wry swagger when he is just a stream of text. “They have no business no money blablablabla,” he typed to me one afternoon, feigning phlegmatic unconcern with the financial woes of an advertiser he’d been negotiating with-his only one. Like much of his generation, Ternovskiy has an online persona far more developed than his real one.

My brief experience on Chatroulette wasn’t what you might call pleasant. But the concept has almost unlimited potential. Should be interesting to see what happens.

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