Newt Is A Bad “Loser)

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It seems that everyone who is online or has their own television shows seems to be of the opinion that Newt Gingrich did poorly in this latest debate. When now apparently “everyone” includes Newt and his campaign staff. Their excuse for his lackluster performance this time around, was that the auditorium was packed with Romney supporters:

“They definitely packed the room,” Kevin Kellems, one of Gingrich’s senior advisers, told the Huffington Post early Friday morning.

Did everybody catch that? So when CNN asked audience members to remain quiet during a debate, that was unfair to Newt. When CNN let people applaud, but they applauded for Mitt Romney, that also was unfair to Newt. Apparently the only way Newt will be satisfied is if CNN instructs the next debate audience that they are only allowed to applaud for Newt Gingrich. Come to think of it, I’d be surprised if the Gingrich campaign isn’t drafting that demand right now.

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