Nicholas Felton’s Annual Report

Posted by on Jan 18, 2008 in Business, Design | No Comments

If an annual report is good enough for General Motors (GM) why isn’t it a neat idea for 30-year-old, New York-based graphic designer Nicholas Feltron? Well I guess it isn’t cause he is offering up one for 2007. According to the report in ’07 Nicholas had 58 vacation days, performed 2 karaoke songs, spent 4.7 days on planes, read 26% more book pages than he did in 2006, ran 190.5 miles, and thought Josh & Ellen’s wedding was the best of the year. It is both an enjoyable read, funny, and kind of effect cause I know feel like I know him. You can view his annual report here. A print version is only five bucks and will ship in February.

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