Oh Sure, Our Media Is So Darn Liberal

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As a progressive I get so sick of hearing from the right about our liberal “mainstream” media, cause I sure don’t see it often via the New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, or the Washington Post. Lets take the Washington Post op-ed page today.

Washington Press Corps Dean David Broder starts us off by penning a love letter to Sarah Palin telling me and my fellow liberals we need to take her seriously, even as a poll in the same paper highlights more than seven in 10 Americans now say she is unqualified  to be President (including a majority of Republicans). But it doesn’t stop there, not even close.

The Post‘s CIA spokesman, David Ignatius, writes a column arguing that Europe is in desperate need of a “tea party movement,” which would do all the great things for Europeans that it is doing for the U.S.   The pro-war Post Editorial Page excitedly announces a “Showdown in Tehran,” calling—yet again—on the Obama administration to do more to confront and subvert Iran’s government.  George Will touts a GOP resurgence in California.  And earlier this week, it was revealed that Post editors actively solicited someone to write an Op-Ed complaining that liberals—unlike conservatives—are arrogant, condescending, and smug.

The power of myth and propaganda is well-documented.  Still, even with that in mind, how could any conservative look at the messages sent from the Post Op-Ed page just in the last few days alone—Palin is awesome!; Europe needs a tea party movement!  Confront Iran!  Liberals are patronizing losers! —and still go on chattering about The Liberal Media, of which, in their minds (and in the mind of that paper’s “media critic”), the Post is a charter member?  And it’s far from unusual for the Post to deliver an almost uniformly right-wing (particularly neoconservative) message; in fact, it happens quite frequently.  “Liberal media” has basically come to mean:  “anyone who doesn’t sound like Rush Limbaugh,” but even using that definition, the Post Op-Ed page comes very close and often, as today, meets it.  That’s not news, but the persistence of the Liberal Media myth—not just among the Right but among media figures themselves—is quite remarkable.  Not even the complaint by George Bush’s own Press Secretary that the media was “too deferential” to the Bush administration undermined it at all; if that didn’t, what could?

Gosh I can barely even handle all these liberal voices all at once. Long live the “liberal” media.

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