Ouch. That Is Going To Leave A Mark

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One individual in this video is Glen Patrick Wells, who spent decades working at the Missouri steel company GS Technologies. As Greg Sargent found when he talked to him yesterday he found that Wells is a self-identified conservative who voted for Bush and McCain. He’s so disgusted with Romney, though, that he’s willing to work with MoveOn.org. Ponder that for a few seconds.

It’s one thing to hear in the abstract about the mass layoffs Romney is responsible for, it’s something else to see these individuals, hear their stories, and consider their personal consequences after the Republican “job creator” entered their lives. And keep in mind it’s not just two or three people, either. There’s a long, long list of Romney victims who will likely be eager to tell voters that if Romney does for America what he did for GS Technologies and companies like it, we’re all in a lot of trouble.

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