Score One For The Humans

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Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ) showed us on Monday that man can still dominate machine—well as long as that man is a trained rocket scientist and former five-day Jeopardy champion.

Yes Holt defeated IBM supercomputer “Watson.” Via the Asbury Park Press:

Holt—who was a five-time Jeopardy! winner more than 30 years ago and joked midday that Watson was “just a little Atari” when he made his game-show splash—tweeted almost an hour ago about the experience: “I played a full round against @IBMWatson tonight and was proud to hold my own: the final tally was Holt $8,600, Watson $6,200.”

Holt was joined in the game by Rep. Jim Himes of Connecticut, who tweeted that he didn’t mind losing to a nuclear physicist and computer that famously defeated some of the TV game show’s top champs: “I seriously CANNOT believe that @rushholt beat @ibmwatson,” he wrote. Also playing: Reps. Bill Cassidy, Nan Hayworth and Jared Polis.

Take that, robot overlords! Oh and I should also note it is nice to know at least one of our reps in DC is smarter then a fifth grader.

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