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Google Buzz Explained

Google today announced a new service, Google Buzz, that automatically brings social networking into Gmail and the rest of the Google-sphere. Whether or not you’re big on social networking sites like Twitter or Facebook, Buzz offers a somewhat new and intriguing approach.

Hands On With Google Buzz

Buzz integrates directly with your Gmail inbox, so updates and comments appear along side your e-mails. It bears a strong resemblance to other sharing platforms like FriendFeed or Twitter and Facebook’s News Feed—imagine all of those magically inserted into your Gmail inbox and you get the picture.

How To Use Google Buzz

If you’re a GMail user you’ve no doubt come across a brand new section of your email called Buzz. Buzz is Google’s new social network and it’s already created a stir. There have been concerns over privacy but all in all, the reaction has been very largely positive. This article is a simple guide explaining how to use the service.

5 Google Buzz Tips for the Advanced User

Yesterday, after spending some time with Google’s latest social networking service, Google Buzz, we posted a handful of buzz tips and tricks for those wanting to better manage the buzz, play with its APIs or banish it altogether from their Gmail inbox.

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