Terrorist Watchlist Is A Joke

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The Washington Post’s Ellen Nakashima has a powerful article about the U.S. government’s inability to maintain anything close to an accurate list of terror suspects. The question has to be asked, If they can’t even keep innocent people off the list, how the heck can we expect The Department of Homeland Security to protect us from real terrorists?

One man went into a Glen Burnie, Md., Toyota dealership to buy a car, only to be told that a name check revealed he was on a U.S. Treasury Department watchlist of suspected terrorists and drug dealers. He had to be “checked for tattoos,” he said, to make sure he wasn’t the suspect.

An 18-year-old found he could not open an account to accept credit card payments for his fledgling technology consulting business because his name was similar to that of a Libyan official on the watchlist.

A former U.S. Navy officer who served in the Persian Gulf and whose father was killed in the Korean War when he was a child, found himself locked out of his PayPal account because his name was similar to one on the watchlist.

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