The 25 Most Valuable Blogs

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It is really hard (insert impossible) to place a real value on a blog, but 24/7 Wall St. has made an attempt. According to them the top five include:

1. The Gawker Properties: $150 million. Gawker, ValleyWag, Gizmodo, Wonkette, and a number of smaller websites. The company claims 30 million monthly unique visitors.

2. MacRumors: $85 million. Blog knows more about Apple than Apple management does. It ranks No. 2,700 in Alexa. Compete shows 544,000 visitors and moving up quickly.

3. Huffington Post: $70 million. Several websites commented that HuffPo might be worth $100 million when it raised $5 million late last year. Arianna Huffington said to Portfolio that the business was in the process of becoming profitable. In late 2007 management claimed that the website had 4 million unique visitors per month and would bring in $7.5 million for the year.

4. PerezHilton: $48 million. Is No 755 in Alexa. Compete show 1.3 million visitors a month.

5. TechCrunch: $36 million. The TechCrunch network claims almost 3.2 million unique visitors and 14.6 million page views.

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