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Lyle Denniston has been covering the Supreme Court for 54 years as a reporter (he is 81). After he retired from the Boston Globe a few years ago he started writing for the SCOTUSblog, a little known blog that covers as you might have guessed the Supreme Court. It used to get only a few thousands visitors a month.

Now will all the “big” Supreme Court cases (like Affordable Care Act) SCOTUSblog is getting hundreds of thousands of visits a day. Denniston is even “trending” on Twitter (#teamlyle). Neat, but the below quote is just flat out wonderful on so many different levels!

“It is delightful to discover, after all of these years laboring in relative obscurity, to be noticed by anybody—especially by a medium that I don’t even understand!” Denniston told TPM in an email.

Reading that just made my day.

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