What Happened To Organizing for America?

Posted by on Feb 7, 2010 in Marketing, Politics | No Comments

For months I’ve been asking myself, as I watched the Democrats lose the governorship in Virginia and New Jersey, then a Senate seat in Massachusetts, and finally the “train wreck” of the primary in my home state of Illinois last week, where the heck is Organizing for America (OFA)? Former known as Obama for America, OFA is the grass-roots organization set-up and run by David Plouffe that powered Obama’s bid for the Presidency. By election day the group had 13 million e-mail supporters, 4 million donors, 2.5 million activists connected through the My.BarackObama social network, and an amazing $18 million left in the bank.

Well Tim Dickinson has an article in Rolling Stone that outlines in detail exactly what happened. To sum it up in a sentence what happened was a lack of leadership, no strategic planning, and political infighting. Wow, surprising something like that happens in Washington, DC.

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