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Writing at Balloon Juice:

When did the 1st Amendment change from basically saying that you can practice whatever religion you want and you won’t be burned at the stake as a heretic and we’re not going to form or recognize a national religion like the Church of England? When did it change to “everyone everywhere has to do what a bunch of old Catholics in funny hats wants, because otherwise it hurts their feelings?” And why does it only apply to certain religions?


And who gets to decide what religions are real? I’m going to form my own religion, and the central tenets of my religion will be pizza every Friday, the only thing you are allowed to do on Sundays is watch sports, and I am forbidden by my deity to pay taxes. I’ll call it Norquistism. How would the feds react to that? How is my religion any less real than burning bushes, virgin birth, transubstantiation, and the like?

Does no one realize how absurd the Catholic Bishops are behaving? They are attempting, by dictate, to do precisely what the 1st Amendment bans, which is the establishment of a national religion.

It’s obscene. And it is completely political. They are no longer functioning as a religious organization, but as a political party.

I’ve been pretty much thinking the same thing. Look I don’t really care if the Catholic church wants to teach birth control is wrong,  a sin. If it doesn’t want to offer a women working in said church, birth control fine by me. I’d actually voice my support if that is what they want to do. To each their own—don’t tell me now to live my life—I won’t tell you how live yours!

But what if, as a non-Catholic (atheist actually), I am hired by a Catholic run hospital or university to work on their marketing, should  my wife (if I was married) not be able to get birth control? If they want to go down that road they better be careful. Maybe a lot of people start saying they should lose their tax exempt tax status. No more government funding.

They’d scream like a “stuck pig” if anybody suggested that, but pretty much any other organization in the nation that tried the shit they are pulling would have just that happen to them (if not legal action w/ huge fines).

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