Whoops, I Am In The Wrong Room

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It would seem newly elected Rep.-elect Chris Collins (R-NY) had a few problems today:

“When they welcomed Leader Pelosi and everyone stood up to applaud, a frantic new member got up—breakfast plate in hand—rushed over to me and asked, ‘Wait … what meeting is this?!’ I said, ‘This is the Democratic Caucus.’ He said, ‘Oh s—, I’m in the wrong meeting. Where are the Republicans meeting?’” the anonymous tipster said of the mini-drama.

I kind of feel for the guy. As somebody that grew up in a small rural town, when I went to college at a place about 10 times the size of my town, well I might have ended up in the wrong classroom, heck the wrong building more than once or twice the first week or so. But then again, I wasn’t a Congresscritter, I was 18, and I didn’t have a staff working for me.

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