Who’s Arming Whom?

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Via the Rachel Maddow blog:

Today’s chart of the day is actually today’s database of the day. The chart comes from The Economist, but they cite their source as the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Their arms transfer database isn’t quite as colorful as charts but the three categories of search they offer are totally play-with-able. Did Bahrain anticipate the political unrest they’re dealing with now? I don’t know, but this database shows last year they imported 58 aircraft and 13 ships.

What I find most interesting is all the nations that are listed as buyers, well they are pretty much all countries in “good standing” within the world community. So who the heck is arming Syria, Yemen, North Korea, and Iran (just to name a few)? I realize that data is hard to come by, since in many instances it would be illegal, but I got to think some organization at least has an idea.

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