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Come to think of it, I am kind of surprised it took this long for them to come up with this idea.

Mississippi state Rep. Steve Holland (D) has introduced a bill that in Mississippi, would rename the Gulf of Mexico as the “Gulf of America.” According to HB 150, “For all official purposes within the State of Mississippi, the body of water that is located directly south of Hancock, Harrison and Jackson Counties shall be known as the ‘Gulf of America.’” The Mississippi House’s Marine Resources Committee will hold a hearing on the bill, and if it is approved by the legislature, Mississippi would begin recognizing the Gulf of Mexico as the “Gulf of America” on July 1.

Update: Turns out this isn’t true. And no, given the events of the last few years, I don’t feel even slightly stupid for thinking it was real. In the realm of our completely idiotic public discourse, this was entirely plausible and believable.

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