Wingnuts Divorced From Reality

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J.L. Bell over at Salon rans the numbers on Snopes’ database of Internet rumors and finds what isn’t very surprising:

After eight years in the White House (with around all that time), George W. Bush has been the subject of 47 internet rumors. After less than two years in office, Barack Obama has been the subject of 87, or nearly twice as many.

Even more telling is the relative accuracy of those stories. For Bush, 20 rumors, or 43%, are true. Only 17, or 36%, are false. The remainder are of mixed veracity (4), undetermined (4), or unclassifiable (2).

In contrast, for Obama only 8 of the 87 rumors, or 9%, are true, and a whopping 59, or 68%, are whoppers. There are 17 of mixed veracity and 3 undetermined.

Not even remotely surprising for those of us that live in the “reality based community.”

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