Yet More Wikileaks Misinformation

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It would seem the “traditional” media just can’t get their facts correct. Via Glenn Greenwald at Salon:

Todd Gitlin writes an entire anti-WikiLeaks column that is based on an absolute factual falsehood.  Anyone listening to most media accounts would believe that WikiLeaks has indiscriminately published all 250,000 of the diplomatic cables it possesses, and Gitlin—in the course of denouncing Julian Assange—bolsters this falsehood:  “Wikileaks’s huge data dump, including the names of agents and recent diplomatic cables, is indiscriminate” and Assange is “fighting for a world of total transparency.”

The reality is the exact opposite— literally—of what Gitlin told TNR readers.  WikiLeaks has posted to its website only 960 of the 251,297 diplomatic cables it has.  Almost every one of these cables was first published by one of its newspaper partners which are disclosing them (The Guardian, the NYT, El Pais, Le Monde, Der Speigel, etc.).  Moreover, the cables posted by WikiLeaks were not only first published by these newspapers, but contain the redactions applied by those papers to protect innocent people and otherwise minimize harm.

How do folks like Gitlin and his editors even keep their jobs when they can’t get the most basic facts of a story correct? I mean just by checking the AP or even Wikileaks site itself (and countless other sites) they would have known the truth.

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