You Want Me To Pay For What?

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In the fall of last year I was surprised to learn that if I wanted to place a John Edward’s sign in my yard I had to pay for it (seeming like not such a good idea in hindsight). I guess it is just the way things are even when you have raised more than $200M:

“The first time I had to pay for one, I said, ‘Are you kidding me? I have to pay to put your sign in my yard?’ ” she said.

But many people are willing to pay, perhaps because the historic campaign could make the signs valuable keepsakes. County Democrats sold signs to 450 people in the first two hours they announced plans to offer Obama displays.

Ms. Ewing said the Obama campaign would give a certain number of free signs to each state. But she figured that will amount to only 10 complimentary signs for Dallas County.

Mr. Obama’s campaign wouldn’t say whether it will give away a bundle of signs but pledged to help Texas Democrats.

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