You’re Gay. You’re Fired!

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Of course, to a large extent a private organization, especially a religious one, has a lot of leeway in hiring and firing decisions. But the optics of this just look terrible:

Belmont University, a private Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, was shocked! shocked! to discover that its women’s soccer coach was a lesbian whose life partner was pregnant with the couple’s first child. On hearing news of this family’s scheduled delivery of joy, Belmont did what any purveyor of Christian love and charity would do: It told coach Lisa Howe to pack her crap and leave the campus forever.

Apparently, Howe—who’d previously earned administration kudos for upping the soccer program’s performance and its kids’ grades—announced to her players that she and her partner were expecting a baby. When word of her gayness filtered up to the college overseers, she was let go.

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